Today’s gold market demands comprehensive intelligence

George Milling-Stanley on Gold, LLC, offers global gold market intelligence to select clients.

George Milling-Stanley has 40 years of experience in the gold market. During his 15 years at the World Gold Council, he was responsible for all programs involving central banks, governments, and regulatory agencies. Before that, he was a key member of the small team that pioneered the development of gold-backed Exchange Traded Funds. Earlier positions included developing customer business for the precious metals trading desk at Lehman Brothers, providing gold market intelligence at Consolidated Gold Fields, and reporting on the mining industry for the Financial Times.
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Recent Press

“After a period of two decades in which central banks were net sellers of a substantial quantity of gold to the markets of the private sector, the official sector has emerged as a term on the buy side of the gold market equation. That is not going to change any time soon.”
– George Milling-Stanley, “Evolving Trends in the Gold Market”, National Asset and Liability Management Conference, Istanbul

“Gold is being considered more as a financial asset these days, more than any time I can think of in the last 40 years.”
– “Interview: George Milling-Stanley” by Nick Carver

My focus in gold is on the metal’s role in financial markets, especially where central banks and governments are concerned. For those interested in the industrial and technological uses of precious metals, I am happy to recommend the services of Material Value.